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Transformation Pilates : Client Focus

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Jade has been a client at Transformation Pilates since August and is currently attending weekly classes where she lights up the room with her presence.


Hi Jade, so are you a St Albans native? No I moved here in 2018. I was born in South East London and my family moved to Harrow when I was 5. My family also lived in the Caribbean for a couple of years when I was 12


Much nicer weather than Hertfordshire, not much of a summer. So when do you usually attend class? My favourite time is in the morning or at lunchtime. The morning helps me to start my day of right and makes me feel ready to take on the day. A lunchtime Pilates class is a great way to take a break and reset the mind


Do you do any other forms of fitness?

I walk every day for at least an hour as well as home strength and resistance workouts. With a run thrown in once a week if I can


How does your reformer practice affect other activities?

pilates class

It fits in nicely and contributes massively to my strength workouts. Pilates has helped me to improve and increase my strength training 

You must have a favourite reformer exercise? The pilates glute bridge because I love how elongated my body becomes. It’s a good reminder of what your body can do with strength and control


Enough about how amazing pilates reformer is, what’s your favourite place to get a treat in St Albans? Gail’s for their Blueberry muffins and Charlie’s for their dark chocolate hot chocolate


Do you have a random fact about St Albans that most people don't know?

I have two:

  • There are more pubs per person than anywhere else

  • St Albans had a starring role as a coastal town in the Inbetweeners


Last thing Jade ... what’s a motto to live by? Live in the now. Let go of grudges; forgiving people and moving on is better than holding onto anger and resentment. Create memories and enjoy life!

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