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Performing with the National Circus in London Erin is adept in aerial silks which led to her initial interest in pilates. She is a Level 3 Mat and Reformer qualified teacher and is passionate about Pilates.


With a fitness based approach Erin aims to improve her clients strength, tone, increase flexibility, reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing. Erin teaches Monday evening and loves a pilates prop #magiccirclemonday

Pilates Instructor St Albans

How long have you been in St Albans? I’ve lived in St Albans for the last four years, coming here to study Radiography at Hertfordshire University but originate from North Yorkshire.


Radiography, that's amazing. So how did you get in to Pilates? On moving to St Albans I joined the National Circus in London to practice aerial silks which is a huge passion of mine, whilst I was already attending Mat Pilates classes. I was then introduced to Reformer Pilates and immediately hooked. Both disciplines complement each other, the core strength and suppleness I’ve gained from Reformer Pilates has enabled me to develop more complex routines in the air.


Pilates Instructor St Albans

What is your favourite Reformer exercise? I like a Clam flow with leg circles as I feel it really engages the glutes whilst also working the core.

Such a burner. What's your favourite instagram account? Maria Bardet (@humanimoves) is my favourite pilates teacher on instagram. Her videos explain the fundamentals of pilates breathing and stretches to improve flexibility.


Do you have a favourite in St Albans restaurant? Cha and Nasta a lovely authentic Bangladeshi restaurant/ cafe with great vegan and vegetarian options. All of her curries are made from scratch without milk, eggs and sugar… and also great for when you fancy a sweet treat.


... and your favourite shop here? Occasionally I love to browse in Anthropologie to check out their homeware and latest clothing lines


Give us a fact about St Albans that most people don't know? I recently discovered

that St Albans received the least wind compared to any other City in Britain!

Erin teaches Monday evenings and Friday mornings

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