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Whether you’re interested in taking your Pilates practice to the next level or have a particular injury that requires personalised attention, private sessions are a fruitful choice. 

Private Sessions are great option if you:

  • Have Reformer experience but want to increase your understanding of the repertoire to meet your specific goals

  • Are new to equipment Pilates and want to benefit from individual attention and feedback

  • Are new to Reformer Pilates and want to understand the fundamentals before joining a group class

  • Are recovering from injury and have been advised to do Pilates by a Osteopath or doctor

1:1     £60 | Intro Session £50

1:2     £70 | Inro Session £60

Group Private 

Similar to a 1:1, a 1:2 or group private with friend(s) or family will give you the opportunity to work with me at your own pace and level. You'll become familiar with the studio and comfortable with the equipment and techniques at a time that suits you all


1:1       | 5 sessions £250 

             | 10 sessions £500


1:2      | 5 sessions £300

            | 10 sessions £550

To book a private session please purchase the session(s) via TeamUp then email the studio with your day and time availability to arrange 

The Pilates Workshop
Good Pilates Club
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