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7 Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer St Albans

Boost of Energy

Reformer classes are intense, even at a beginners level. You're consistently pushing, pulling, holding and releasing spring tension. Reformer is about power and control and a real full-body workout. Not only do you feel the exercises working in class but you feel great afterwards, it gives an endorphin kick.

Improves Muscle Tone

With eccentric movements (holding the muscles in a lengthen position like feet in straps) Reformer Pilates builds longer, leaner muscles, improves core strength, flexibility and balance. Plus it can improve your posture, making you stand upright and appear taller.

Pre and Post Natal Friendly

Pregnancy Reformer Class

Attending Reformer classes throughout pregnancy can help you build a strong body for birth and beyond, says Dr Wood " It’s widely understood that the right kind of exercise can boost your immune system and circulation, help provide the energy levels needed throughout pregnancy, and prepare you for labour. However, as with any type of exercise, always check with your doctor first. Also remember to tell your teacher that you are pregnant before commencing class."

Stress Relief

Reformer is a great stress-reliever. Whether you're doing a class first thing in the morning , in your lunch hour or after a long day at work, Reformer provides a great escape in a fun, small group environment. You're able to disengage from the world, listen to the teachers instructions or laid back music as you tune into yourself.


Reformer is short, quick and effective. If you don't like spending hours at a gym following a program then a Reformer Pilates class goes by very quickly as you learn the difference exercises and form, it never feels like an hour unless you're holding a plank!

Improve Posture

Pilates is praised by everyone from athletes, to rehab patients, to office workers for its ability to develop strength and correct posture in the key areas of your hips, lower back, upper back and neck. Reformer classes focus on releasing typically overactive areas like the chest, upper shoulders, thoracic spine and hip flexors. In addition to activating and strengthen the abdominals, glutes and shoulder girdle. This combination improves dynamic stability, which helps the body to hold itself in better alignment for longer, maintaining an upright posture, stability and responsiveness.

Pilates Community

It's fun

Bring a sibling, mum, friend, make friends, learn something new, be apart of a community, be proud of your body. Reformer is fun, welcoming and class sizes are small, which is a less intimidating environment than a gym or large exercise class if you are new to fitness or just want to workout in a calm cool environment.

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