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TTT aims to help dedicated and qualified individuals gain the knowledge and teaching skills needed to become excellent, sought-after Pilates instructors. 

These comprehensive courses will provide potential teachers with a

- solid understanding of anatomy and biomechanics

- mastery of the Reformer exercise repertoire

- ability to judge when modifications are necessary and adjust accordingly

- skillset to progress clients in a safe and effective manor

At TTT HOW you teach is as important as WHAT you teach



  • Fundamental execution of each exercise

  • Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise 

  • Exercise modifications

  • Verbal and tactile cueing and correcting skills

  • Class and private tuition program design

  • Progression skills



Duration : 2 Days

Prerequisite : Pilates Mat Certification or Level 3 PT or 35+ Reformer Classes

Coursework : Extensive manual of repertoire exercise with pictures

and course notes

Price : Early Bird £450 | Regular £500

This course teaches students the introductory level exercises of Pilates Reformer in preparation for beginners and mixed level classes, in addition to private tuition. We go over the "physics" of the machines so that students understand both the way the reformer operates and health and safety concerns for future clients.

Example Exercises : Footwork, Posture Series, Feet in Straps, Seated Arms, Arms Pulling Straps, Short Box, Mermaid, Parrellogram, Elephant

Next Course Dates

Saturday June 8th 11:30am - 4pm

Sunday June 9th 10am - 4pm


Duration : 2 Days

Prerequisite : TTT Intro to Reformer

Coursework : Extensive manual of repertoire exercise with pictures

and course notes

Price : Early Bird £700 | Regular £750

This in depth course covers a wide range of repertoire exercises preparing you to teach different class levels, implementing modifications and variations with ease. Students will leave this course feeling confident and capable in creating safe and effective classes for today's diversifying clientele

Example Exercises : Short Spine, Knee Stretches, Long Stretch, Side Splits, Back Rowing, Chest Expansion, Teaser, Stomach Massage

Next Course Dates

Saturday June 22nd 11:30am - 6pm

Sunday June 23rd 10am - 6pm 

Policies & Procedures

Payment Deadlines

- Early bird deadline are bookings competed one month before the course start date 

- Course fees are paid at the time of booking

- All courses are non refundable. In the event of emergency where you cannot attend payment is transferable to the next course with availability   

- TTT holds the right to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances, in this case course attendees can transfer to the next available course or receive a full refund

Reformer Experience

Students without any experience will feel left behind thus the requirement for Introduction to Reformer is a Pilates Mat Certification or Level 3 PT Certification or 35 + Reformer sessions so that the Reformer Pilates principles are not completely new concepts. Individuals who have both practiced Reformer for a while and have experience teaching will get the most out of the program. 


TTT students will receive a 10% discount on memberships and class packs with Transformation Pilates for 3 months from the date they purchase their course

Is this Dynamic Reformer?

This is not a dynamic reformer course. These courses cover the conventional Reformer exercise repertoire in detail and form execution of each one. You will receive  a clear understanding of the goal of each exercise and building blocks and progressions between them.

Examination & Certification

There is no final examination for Intro to Reformer, attendees will be assessed throughout the course on their understanding of course materials and general progression and a TTT certificate will be provided for attendance.  

There is a final practical examination for Reformer Foundations in which the attendee needs to pass to become certified. This exam has to be completed 3 months from the last date of the course. It will consist of 15-20 minutes of teaching repertoire exercises and is more about pilates 'common sense then ticking boxes. This exam can be preformed in studio or remotely via Zoom. TTT holds the right to decline certification 

Work Placement

Transformation Pilates would love to hire potential teachers from courses. More teachers = More people doing Pilates. If a teachers shows knowledge, professionalism, understanding of safe practices and good client repore I would welcome them to the team

Personal Teaching Insurance

TTT is insured to certify potential teachers but does not offer insurance coverage. The teacher would need to find their own personal liability insurance providing their training certificates. Balens is a good place to start 

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